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Jeff Beyers

Jeff Beyers



Jeff Beyers brings 20 years of experience to CSC Steel, LLC working in hands-on careers. He began as a mechanic and later worked in the transportation industry creating control plans, operating heavy equipment, performing quality control tasks, and supervising crews of up to 100 workers.

Jeff has a wide variety of talents and skills, including blueprint reading, teaching and instructing members of his crew, and creative problem-solving.


Jeff’s steel experience includes a variety of small and mid-size buildings but also includes successfully erecting 100,000 square feet multi-story industrial buildings and food processing facilities as tall as 95 feet.

Jeff is passionate about providing a quality product for the owner, in a safe erection environment for his crew.


We thank Jeff for his service as a Search and Rescue Swimmer in the US Navy. Jeff resides in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.


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