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Luke Terry

Luke Terry



Luke Terry gained his work ethic and problem-solving skills early in life, being raised on a large family farm in Johnson County Missouri. His foundational knowledge in the construction industry began with two years of technical training at Warrensburg Area Career Center while in high school. He went on to become a certified welder at the Missouri Welding Institute, where he earned his degree in Master Pipe Welding and Fitting.

Luke began his career as a pipeline welder, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field. In 2019, Luke was hired at CSC Steel as an iron worker. His skill set, combined with his ability to learn quickly, set him on the fast track to becoming foreman of his own steel crew.  

Luke has successfully completed several projects as a foreman, including a number of single and two story heavy industrial installations, as well as a variety of complicated demolition and one-off industrial installations in his time with CSC Steel.  His light-hearted style coupled with an organized approach to the day, make him a well-liked and effective leader. Luke resides in Warrensburg, Missouri.

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